It’s all white

No, it’s better than all white! Being on holidays has meant I’ve finally been able to make time for some crafty things around the house and these three projects are ones I have been eyeing off for a while. They’re all really simple and rather than posting a tutorial myself, some other more dedicated bloggers have already done so, so I have included their links instead!

I picked up the doilies and glassware on a few trips to my local Savers, along with a brass candle stick, some ready-to-hang curtains that I have put up in the kitchen (finally!) and two gorgeous summer dresses for my divine little Niece, baby Rose, who is 3 days old. I’ve never seen anything sweeter than that little girl, with her peachy cheeks and wisps of fair hair.  Things are pretty good in this neck of the woods at the moment.

But back on track now, the three projects were a table runner made from vintage doilies, a doily bowl and some faux milk glass vases.

The doily table runner was super easy (see tutorial at Under the Sycamore), although mine is not so ‘runner’ like in length, and needed only stitches at the joins to hold it in place. The doily bowl (see  tutorial at The Thrillz of Hillz) was also easy, requiring only fabric stiffener, cling wrap and a suitable mould and the faux milk glass (see tutorial at Antebellum Collections) needed only the glassware and some white gloss spray paint. The round object which is actually a ceiling light cover was already white so I didn’t even need to paint that one, bonus!

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  1. Abbey White says:

    Mad I really love this idea! These would look great in my house so thanks for sharing the love xx


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