Lamp revamp

Ah, it feels good to be back in the blogosphere! We are one man down in our house at the moment hence my month-long absence. Dave has had knee surgery and has been couch-bound since early March. On the upside, I have picked up bunch of new skills and honed some long forgotten ones, such as driving a manual car. I’ve fixed a cupboard door using the cordless drill, I’ve learnt how to administer nightly injections and this morning I mowed the lawn. That’s right, I almost ripped my arm out of its socket trying to start the damn thing but I got there in the end. And now the lawn looks like the MCG…if the MCG had been mowed by a bunch of toddlers using butter knives.

This weekend has been pretty quiet so I have had the chance to revamp a lamp I bought at a second hand store and a candle stick that had a lovely shape but was covered in cheap chrome paint and in desperate need of TLC. I wanted to get a new lamp for the guest room and saw this great lamp makeover post on True Jersey Girls a while ago. I loved the ornate shape of the base and the effect of the matte black paint. I decided the candle stick needed to be matte black too. Yep, a few months ago I was obsessed with painting everything white and now I am eyeing off all my possessions wondering if they would look better in matte black.

Spray painting is a great way to give something a new lease of life. I am no pro but I do always make sure I follow a few steps to get a good result. I always clean the item I am going to paint so I’m not spraying over dust and dirt. I make sure the item is completely dry after the clean to prevent the paint beading, I cover anything I don’t want painted with tape and/or plastic and I do two coats of paint, letting the first one completely dry before the next. It sounds obvious but for someone like me who just wants to grab that can and start spraying, it’s important to prep properly first.

I love the result of the lamp. I’m not sure yet if I’m 100% happy with the colour of the lamp shade and may look into painting it but for $15 and a can of spray paint it is so much better than the ugly original lamp. I think it’s a nice addition to the guest room and goes particularly well with the wrought iron bed frame. The candle stick looks pretty good too!

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