A visit to the land of the long white cloud

We spent Easter in Auckland, New Zealand. What a lovely place to relax, enjoy the ample beaches and escape the inconsistent Melbourne weather! For somewhere only a few hours away by air it seemed a world away in terms of its beautiful landscape; the cool blue of the ocean visible from just about everywhere and land scattered with the lush green of ferns, palm trees and volcanic mountains. As I am something of a cloud enthusiast I was looking forward to going somewhere known as the Land of the Long White Cloud and I was not disappointed. On the day we went to Piha Beach a long white cloud hovered above the ocean and seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. Gorgeous.

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Pretty little pins

This little piece of art was made with a $4 corkboard and a $3.95 box of thumbtacks. Yep, all that shininess for $7.95.

I saw this post for push pin art on Metal and Mud. It also links to this wall art by Jessica Hische. And then I found this on Things Bright. I am just amazed that the ordinary little thumbtack could have such a great impact as lettering. I’m not completely in love with my first attempt but the idea definitely has potential.

I chose one of my favourite words, wanderlust, because Dave and I are constantly dreaming about and talking about future travel adventures and getting excited about an October trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Wanderlust is a lovely sounding word that sums all up all that longing for travel. Plus I really liked the look of the ‘W’ in Jessica Hische’s wall art – so pretty!

Here’s how I did it in just a few hours:

  1. I wrote the word in freehand and enlarged it on the photocopier
  2. I sprayed the corkboard with two coats of matte black spray paint
  3. I lined up the word on my corkboard and used a pen to firmly trace over the letters so that the pen nib went through the paper and drew directly on the board underneath. This was quite hard going on my hand so on the second part of the word I used a blade to cut through the paper. The blade cut into the cork a little leaving white lines as opposed to the faint shiny lines left by the pen ink. This would have been fine if I was 100% certain the pins would be going along those exact lines but at some points I moved the pins off the lines so that the spacing would be better and this wouldn’t have looked good if I had white marks left all over the place
  4. Pin away! What I found is that the straight lines looked the best so next time I will chose a font with less curves. The straighter the lines, the more polished the look

It’s not spectacular – I’m not a fan at all of the frame on this one but I love the concept and the idea was too good not to try. I bought some matte black thumbtacks so I am going to try a metallic or neutral background with the black pins and see how that goes.

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