Eye Chart Art

My second project using my bargain frames (as seen in my previous post) is Eye Chart Art. At the moment there is a definite trend for typography as art, as well as medical/zoological/geographical (I don’t know what the kids are calling it) stuff. You know, skeletons, specimen displays, animals, science-y things, maps, pages and images from encyclopaedias and manuals, taxidermy. Stuff. I don’t know what a collection of this stuff is called but I see it everywhere. And I like it. I’ve seen vintage eye charts used as art and last week I stumbled onto this custom eye chart maker and played around with some wording. For us I chose a Jimi Hendrix quote “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens” (that I had to slightly alter because I only could only use a limited number of characters in the eye chart maker).

I also used the idea to make a housewarming present for some dear friends who moved into a little love nest together over the weekend. Posting about it kind of spoils the fun when I give it to them but whether they look genuinely surprised or not will tell me if they really read my blog…and whether I need to rethink their description of ‘dear friends’. Hmmmm.

For them I chose the title of a well know Madness song and the date they moved in. ‘Welcome to the House of Fun’ is a tribute to what is to come as I have no doubt many a fun night will be had in their new digs. In typical maddy style, once I had taken the photo I realised that the date is meant to be 120512 not 120520. I’m eight years too early. Perhaps I’ll just hold on to this and fingers crossed they move house in 2020. Or I might just print out a correct version but for the sake of not having to do it right now, it stays.

Once I generated the eye chart I saved it as a JPEG to my desktop and opened it up in Microsoft Paint (as you can see my use of technology is very sophisticated…) and used the eraser function to remove the URL that appears below the chart. This project took a whopping 10 minutes which consisted of 8 minutes to choose the wording, 1 minute to erase the URL and 1 minute to print it out and stick it in a frame. Such little effort for such a good result. My favourite kind of project!

To save you having to dust off Microsoft Paint, here is a JPEG of the Hendrix quote – enjoy!



  1. Abbey White says:

    Love it Maddy! Ab x

  2. is there an easy way to print this out that doesn’t have the web site URL at the bottom? am i missing something obvious?

    • Hi Nola,

      Silly me! I forgot to add that part! I saved the eye chart as a JPEG to my desktop and opened it up in Microsoft Paint (as you can see my use of technology is very sophisticated…) and used the eraser function to remove the link.
      Thanks for pointing that out- I will update the post to add that step.



      • When I put in the same wording as you, “Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens,” it cuts me off after the “E” in “listens, and then adds two letters that I don’t want or need. Am I doing something wrong? Is there anyway you can post your exact page? Thank you!

      • Hi Jan,

        I have just included the image in the post – I’m hoping that works but please let me know if it doesn’t (I’m a relatively new blogger so still learning the ropes!)



      • Also Jan, I think if you remove the spaces and the comma it should help!

      • The problem was that I WAS putting in spaces. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!

  3. this is fabulous! x

  4. On http://www.txt2pic.com you can make more fake images with your text.

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