How to fake an oil painting

This is possibly the most genius thing ever. Yes, ok, they put a man on the moon but did they create a masterpiece with the push of a button? No? Exactly.

I, on the other hand, did. Purely by accident. Or rather, by my warped sense of curiosity which popped up when I was photocopying a document and about to eat a pear. A little voice told me to photocopy the pear. I obeyed and look what I made! Doesn’t it look just like a little antique oil painting? If you squint?

I can’t even give a tutorial for this because it’s too easy. Seriously, the hardest part was trying to photograph it without a reflection of me in the glass.

Choose fruit. Photocopy it. Frame it. Tell a friend.

Here is a slightly dustier version (ooops!):


  1. You certainly are so clever!!! So how did you get the background to match?

    • Thanks Eleni :) The black background just happened. I put the fruit on the glass and closed the lid as far as I could without squasing the pear!


  2. Graeme KD Walker says:

    My god you’re clever Maddie Mooz xx

  3. I never would have thought to do this. Im going to try soon as i get a working printer haha. Still very cute though.

  4. That is priceless! What a happy accident.

  5. Teddie Seeley says:

    This is just awesome, I found your link on Ann Martin’s “All Things Paper”

    • Thanks Teddie! And thanks for telling me where you found the link – I am really excited about being included on All Things Paper!


  6. Very smart and Awesome!Landed here from Ann’s blog!!

  7. Great idea, I think you could spray paint a box whatever color you wanted for a background and then scan your items, like fruit, flowers etc etc etc etc etc……..Ad infinitum.

    • Hi Shirley,

      The box is a fantastic idea – and I think I will definitely give flowers a try – daisies might work really well with their flat surface.




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