wmdn gets a makeover!

There are a few changes happening on this here blog! I am giving my site a little makeover (happy belated blogiversary to me!). You will still be able to access everything but it may be in a different area or look a little different until I decide on the perfect look! Decisions, decisions.

Unfortunately for me my skills, while ninja-like, do not extend to upgrading on the side and launching the new look when I’m finished so this is all going to happen live. Please bear with me during this exciting time… Whoop!






The Midas Touch

Ok, I don’t have the *fascinating* post I was planning on posting. Which means that rather than making fascinators on Friday for the Spring Racing Carnival, my bestie and I polished off a good red and a big chunk of triple cream brie. Awesome. But, I promise they will be done this Friday!

What I did do was get my crafting mojo back with my trusty friend Mr Spray Paint. Isn’t is funny how, even when you love something, if you get out of the habit of doing it, it can be hard to get started again? Like the gym? Except I hate the gym. I have been so busy lately and so used to trying to just ‘chill’ after being busy that I stopped focussing my energy on getting creative in my (limited) spare time. And I tell ya what, it wasn’t good for the ol’ soul. I am just one of those people who is better busy.

I have been on a bit of a gold craze at the moment. There is just something lovely about the richness and glam of gold that warms up a room and adds a luxe feel. I especially love it paired with natural elements like wood (Rustic+Gold=Fabulousness). So naturally I am obsessed with painting everything gold (similar to the time I painted everything white and black).

I have also picked up some amazing gold pieces recently while out op-shopping (thrifting). Stay tuned for an op-shop dedicated post coming up soon!

I updated a $1.99 second hand bin for our bedroom. We had this ugly green plastic thing that Angus and Tinks had used as a chew toy and it was just killing the room. I love how the new bin looks now and smile every time I throw rubbish away. Call me crazy.

I also wanted a cute little vase for the guestroom so I glued a sundae glass and a tumbler together with my crazy hobby glue (medium setting cyanoacrylate super glue to be precise) and gave it a few good coats. Love it!

Here are the thrifted gold lovelies that I got for a steal:

Gold leaf ceramic bowl – $0.99

Gorgeous floral oil painting with gold frame to add to my collection – $20

Gold stemmed cocktail glasses – $0.99 each. I LOVE these pretty things!

Gold goodies to warm up any room in the house!

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I’m baaack

Hello my long lost readers,

It’s me, Maddy! I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “Maddy who?” because I’ve been gone for so long. I even missed my own blogiversary!

It’s been all engagement-party this and attending-an-overseas-wedding that, but, I am here to announce my return. Watch this space for something *fascinate-ing* coming up very soon and more crafty and yummy things in the near future.

It feels good to be back people!

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