Little things: to market, to market

On Sunday Dave and I went to the local Vietnamese fresh food market ‘Little Saigon’ to have lunch and stock up on fish, fruit and veggies for the week. It’s one of my all time favourite domestic things we do. Obviously I love Vietnam so I get a kick out of seeing and tasting all the things I’ve encountered on my holidays but I love the energy and the honesty of this place. I don’t know if that sounds stupid but there are no fancy signs, there are no pristine shelves or 2 for 1 deals. There are plates of fruit cut up for tasting and people just use their fingers and help themselves. There are people shouting out their prices loud and fast in Vietnamese. The herbs are 99 cents a bunch and there are live mud crabs lined up in rows in plastic tubs. The food stalls on the sidelines sell crispy fried calamari, dumplings, rice paper rolls and all kinds of other tasty things.

We go there for the experience and the fruit tasting as much as the cheap prices and fresh produce. I get more excited than a normal person should about grocery shopping but I just think it’s the best part of living where we do. 20130429-220507.jpg20130429-220537.jpg20130429-220546.jpg20130429-220555.jpg20130429-220604.jpg20130429-220619.jpg


Love waffles and other short stories

Here are just a few bits and pieces from the last few months that I quite liked. Especially the waffles made by Dave with our homemade strawberry sauce and photos of pooches Angus and Tinkerbell.

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Spring and new beginnings

One of the things I love about living with my man, and I never thought I’d say this, is that he came with added extras. Much-loved pooches, Angus and Tinkerbell. How nice to have 3 happy faces to greet you when you come home and what a great excuse for early evening strolls to check out the new neighbourhood and take the camera out for a spin. Here are a few shots from tonight’s walk.

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