wmdn gets a makeover!

There are a few changes happening on this here blog! I am giving my site a little makeover (happy belated blogiversary to me!). You will still be able to access everything but it may be in a different area or look a little different until I decide on the perfect look! Decisions, decisions.

Unfortunately for me my skills, while ninja-like, do not extend to upgrading on the side and launching the new look when I’m finished so this is all going to happen live. Please bear with me during this exciting time… Whoop!






I’m baaack

Hello my long lost readers,

It’s me, Maddy! I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “Maddy who?” because I’ve been gone for so long. I even missed my own blogiversary!

It’s been all engagement-party this and attending-an-overseas-wedding that, but, I am here to announce my return. Watch this space for something *fascinate-ing* coming up very soon and more crafty and yummy things in the near future.

It feels good to be back people!

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