A punch in the heart

I am a bit obsessed.

I’ve been making a few cards lately, mostly with fabric birds and I really like making and giving them. I think they’re nice to receive too. My Dad has kept every card I’ve ever made him. I know it’s true because he tells me every time I give him a non handmade card. I used to make them a lot when I was a kid. Then I totally became too cool to make cards. Like, OMG, hello? Unfortunately for me that was a fleeting thing. It turns out I’m not cool after all and so I am free to craft some cutesy cards and able make Dad happy again. Honestly it did take him a few years to get over it and stop asking why the cards were no longer homemade.

Dave and I are celebrating our 1 year since-we-first-met anniversary on the 25th (yay for us) and so I wanted to make him a special card to celebrate. Especially seeing as I gave him some monstrosity for Christmas complete with a diamante and the phrase To the one I love. He searched for 3 days to find me a Christmas card with a laser cut deer that pops up when you open it. He knows I am also a bit obsessed with deers at the moment. The faux taxidermy deer head I put above the fireplace might have given it away.  So after his card which I absolutely loved and my monstrosity that probably made him question why he had spent almost a year with someone who has such appalling taste, I feel I owe him at least a homemade effort.

Back to my obsession. It is with my new heart-shaped hole punch. I can’t stop punching things and I am going to use the hearts to decorate cards. I punched some red paper, a vintage book and the back page of a very pretty calendar I got from Typo. I got a few calendars actually. I got some for Christmas presents and then just after Christmas I went back and they were $1! So I got 4 because I figured I could use the pretty pictures for something. And because when something is reduced by 75% or more it is almost impossible for me not to buy it. This is why I have a convection oven sitting in my cupboard that I’ve never used and a pair of one size-too-big knee-high boots that are waiting to break my ankle next winter.

I do think the calendars were a good investment though because the hearts came out very well. And I had a go at a sample card with some vintage book pages and red paper and I am dying to get stuck into more. Then Dave might forgive me.

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